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CHUS (Χούς, LXX.), mentioned only in the book of Judith (7.18), where Ekrebel is said to be “near Chus, which is at the torrent (i. e. the valley) of Mochmur.” These localities were identified by Dr. Schultz in 1847, to the east of the road between Nablus and Jerusalem. “Leaving Turmus Aya, I went by Seiloon and Kariyoot, and Jalood, and Joorîsh, to Akrabah. Akrabah is marked nearly in the right place on Robinson's Map, but it is a large village, looking very much like a town, not a ruin. Between Joorish and Akrabah, but nearer to the former, is a valley running from east to west called Wady Makh Fooriyeh. Akrabah lies north of Joorish, the two places in sight of each other. Here I think you have the Ekrebel of the book of Judith, near Khoos at the Wady (Χείμαρρος) Mokhmoor; and Khoos (Χούς) must be corrected into Χουρίς.” (Schultz's Letter in Williams's Holy City, vol. i. Appendix 2. p. 469.)


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