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TITHRO´NIUM (Τιθρώνιον: Eth. Τιθρωνιεύς), a frontier town of Phocis, on the side of Doris. Livy, who calls it Tritonon, describes it as a town of Doris (28.7), but all other writers place it in Phocis. It was destroyed by the army of Xerxes together with the other Phocian towns. It is placed. by Pausanias in the plain at the distance of 15 stadia from Amphicleia. The site of Tithronium is probably indicated by some ruins at Mulki below Verzaná, where a torrent unites with the Cephissus. (Hdt. 8.33; Paus. 10.3.2, 10.33.11; Steph. B. sub voce Leake, Northern Greece, vol. ii. p. 87.)

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