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TACAPE (Τακάπη or Κάπη, Ptol. 4.3.11), a town in the Roman province of Africa, in the Regio Syrtica and in the innermost part of the Syrtis Minor. The surrounding country is represented by Pliny (16.27. s. 50, 18.22. s. 51) as exceedingly [p. 2.1083]fruitful, but its harbour was bad. (Geogr. Nub. Clim. iii. pt. ii. p. 87.) In early times it was subject to Byzacium; but subsequently, as a Roman colony, belonged to the Regio Tripolitana, of which it was the most westerly town. In its neighbourhood were warm mineral springs called the Aquae Tacapitanae (Itin. Ant. p. 78), now El-Hammah. (Cf. Plin. Nat. 5.4. s. 3; Itin. Ant. pp. 48, 50, 59, &c., where it is called Tacapae). Now Gabs, Cabes, or Quâbes.


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