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TAGARA (Τάγαρα, Peripl. M. Erythr. § 51, ed. Muller; Ptol. 7.1.82), one of the two principal emporia of the interior of the Deccan, according to the author of the Periplus. It is not certain what modern town now represents this ancient site, but there is a fair presumption in favour of Deoghir, which was the seat of government down to A.D. 1293, and which is now in ruins, close to Dowlatabad. (Vincent, Voyage of Nearchus, ii. p. 413; Mannert, 5.1. p. 83; Ritter, Erdk. v. p. 513; Berghaus's Map.) Ptolemy, who places the town in Ariaca, probably copied from the author of the Periplus. It may be remarked that the distance given between Barygaza (Beroack), Paethana (Pythan), and Tagara (Deoghir), are note reconcileable with the actual position of these places. [V] [p. 2.1085]

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