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Eth. ZYGI (Ζαγοί; Strab. xi. p.496), a wild and savage people on the Pontus Euxinus in Asiatic Sarmatia, and on the heights stretching from the Caucasus to the Cimmerian Bosporus. They were partly nomad shepherds, partly brigands and pirates, for which latter vocation they had ships specially adapted (cf. Id. 2.129, 11.492, 17.839). Stephanus B. (p. 290) says that they also bore the name of Ζυγριανοί; and we find the form Zygii (Ζύγιοι) in Dionysius (Dionys. Perieg. 687) and Avienus (Descrip. Orb. 871).


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