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A´CHERON (Ἀχέρων), the name of several rivers, all of which were, at least at one time, believed to be connected with the lower world. The Acheron as a river of the lower world, is described in the Dict. of Biogr. and Myth.


A river of Epeirus in Thesprotia, which passed through the lake Acherusia (Ἀχερουσία λίμνη), and after receiving the river Cocytus (Κώκυτος), flowed into the Ionian sea, S. of the promontory Cheimerium. Pliny (4.1) erroneously states that the river flowed into the Ambraciot gulf. The bay of the sea into which it flowed was usually called Glycys Limen (Γλυκὺς λιμήν) or Sweet-Harbour, because the water was fresh on account of the quantity poured into it from the lake and river. Scylax and Ptolemy call the harbour Elaea (Ἔλαια), and the surrounding district bore according to Thucydides the name of Elaeatis (Ἐλαιᾶτις). The Acheron is the modern Gurla or river of Suli, the Cocytus is the Vuvó, and the great marsh or lake below Kastrí the Acherusia. The water of the Vuvó is reported to be bad, which agrees with the account of Pausanias (1.17.5) in relation to the water of the Cocytus (ὕδωρ ἀτερπέστατον). The Glycys Limen is called Port Fanári, and its water is still fresh; and in the lower part of the plain the river is commonly called the river of Fandri. The upper part of the plain is called Glyky; and thus the ancient name of the harbour has been transferred from the coast into the interior. On the Acheron Aidoneus, the king of the lower world, is said to have reigned, and to have detained here Theseus as a prisoner; and on its banks was an oracle called νεκυομαντεῖον (Hdt. 5.92.7), which was consulted by evoking the spirits of the dead. (Thuc. 1.46; Liv. 8.24; Strab. p. 324; Steph. B. sub voce Paus. 1.17.> § 5; D. C. 50.12; Scylax, p. 11; Ptolem. 3.14.5; Leake, Northern Greece, vol. i. p. 232, seq. iv. p. 53.)


A river of Elis, a tributary of the Alpheius. (Strab. p. 344; Leake, Morea, vol. ii. p. 89.)

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