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CHALASTRA (Χαλάστρα, Strab. vii. p.330; Χαλέστρη, Hdt. 7.123; Χαλαίστρα, Plut. Alex. 49; Plin. Nat. 4.10.17, 31.10.46). a town of Mygdonia in Macedonia, situated on the Thermaean gulf at the right of the mouth of the Axius, which belonged to the Thracians and possessed a harbour. (Steph. B. sub voce Perseus, king of Macedonia, barbarously put all the male inhabitants to death. (Diod. Excerpt. 308.) Afterwards the population, with that of other towns of Mygdonia, was absorbed in great measure by Thessalonica on its foundation by Cassander. It cannot, therefore, be expected that many remains should be existing. The site may, however, be considered to be at or near the modern Kulakiá. (Tafel, Thessalon. p. 277; Leake, Northern Greece, vol. iii. p. 450.)


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