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MYGDO´NIA (Μυγδονία, Plut. Lucull. 100.32; Plb. 5.31), a district in the NE. part of Mesopotamia, adjoining the country now called the Sinjar. According to Strabo, the people who were named Mydgones came originally from Macedonia, and occapied the district extending from Zeugma to Thapsacus (xvi. p. 747); as, however, he states in the same place that Nisibis was called by the Macedonians “Antiocheia in Mygdonia,” and places it in the immediate neighbourhood of M. Masius, he would appear to have thought that it was on the eastern side of Mesopotamia. Plutarch relates the same story of the Greek name of Nisibis (Lucull. 100.32). In Stephanus Byz. the name is written Μυχθονία, which is probably an error. In many of the earlier editions of Xenophon, a people are spoken of who are called Μυγδόνιοι; the later and better editions read, however, Μαρδόνιοι, which is more probable (Anab. 4.3.4).


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