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Eth. ZICCHI (Ζικχοί, Arrian, Perip. P. Eux. p. 19), ZINCHI (Ζιγχοί, Ptol. 5.9.18), or ZINGI (Plin. vi 7. s. 7), a savage piratical tribe of Asiatic Sarmatia, on the coast of the Pontus Euxinus, between Sanigae and Achaei. They are called by Procopius Ζῆχοι and Ζῆκχοι (B. Goth. 4.4, B. Pers. 2.29), and by Strabo, Ζυγοί (i. p. 129, xi. pp. 492, 495), if, indeed, he means the same people, as he places them in the interior on the Caucasus.


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