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DAPHNUS (Δαφνοῦς: Eth.Δαφνούντιος, Eth. Δαφνούσιος), a city on the Euboean sea, originally belonging to Phocis, which thus extended from the Corinthian gulf to the Euboean sea. Its narrow territory separated the Locri Epicnemidii from the Locri Opuntii; but it was afterwards assigned to the Opuntii. The town was in ruins in the time of Strabo, who fixes its site by describing it as distant 20 stadia from Cynus and 120 from Elateia, and as having a harbour. (Strab. ix. pp. 416, 424, 426; Plin. Nat. 4.7. s. 12; Steph. B. sub voce Leake, Northern Greece, vol. ii pp. 176.)

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