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LI´BYCUM MARE (τὸ Λιβυκὸν πέλαγος, πόντος Λιβύης), was the name applied to that part of the Mediterranean which washed the shores of N. Africa, from the E. coast of Africa Propria on [p. 2.182]the W., to the S. shores of Crete, and the frontier of Egypt, on the E., where it joined the Mare Aegyptium: the two Syrtes belonged to it. (Strab. ii. pp. 122, 123, x. pp. 475, 488; Agathem. 1.3, 2.14; Dion. Per. 104; Mela, 1.4, 2.7; Plin. Nat. 5.1; Florus, 3.6.10.)


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