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A´CHERON (Ἀχέρων), a small river in Bruttium, near Pandosia. Its name is mentioned in conjunction with that city both by Strabo and Justin, from whom we learn that it was on its banks that Alexander, king of Epirus, fell in battle against the Lucanians and Bruttians, B.C. 326. (Strab. p. 256; Just. 12.2.) Pliny also mentions it as a river of Bruttium (3.5. s. 10.), but appears erroneously to connect it with the town of Acherontia in Lucania. It has been supposed to be a small stream, still called the Arconti, which falls into the river Crathis just below Consentia; but its identification must depend upon that of Pandosia. [PANDOSIA]


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