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CAEPIO´NIS TURRIS or MONUMIENTUM (Καιπ́.ωνος πίργος: Cipiona), a great lighthouse, built on a rock surrounded by the sea, on the S. side of the river Baetis (Guadalquivir) in Hispania Bactica (Strab. iii. p.140; Mela, 3.1, where some read Geryonis, and identify the tower with the Gerontis or Geryonís arx of Avienus, Ora Marit. 263, see Wernsdorf, ad loc.) Most commentators derive the namei from Servilius Caepio, the conqueror of Lusitania; but others, ascribing to the lighthouse a Phoenician origin, regard the name as a corruption of Cap Eon, i. e. Rock of the Sun. (Ford, Handbook of Spain, p. 20.)


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