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DEA VOCONTIORUM a city of the Vocontii, who were in Gallia Narbonensis, on the east side of the Rhone. Dea is only mentioned in the Itins., which place it between Lucus (Luc) and Augusta (Aoust), and 12 M. P. from Lucus. “The modern [p. 1.757]site is Die, in the department of Drôme.” In the Notitia of the provinces of Gallia, it is called Civitas Deensium. If an inscription which is cited, “Col. Dea Avg. Voc,” is genuine, the place was made a colonia. Stephanus (s. v. Δία) mentions a city, Dia, in Italy, close to the Alps, which may, possibly, be Dea; but if so, “Italy” is a mistake, and we should read “Gallia” instead.


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