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ESDRAELON VALLIS v. CAMPUS (τὸ μέγα πεδίον Ἐσδρηλώμ, Judith, 1.8), the same as the valley of JEZREEL (Josh. 17.16; Judges, 6.33; Hosea, 1.5.) a very extensive and fertile plain, shut in between the mountain ranges of Samaria and Mount Carmel on the SE. and of Galilee on the N., extending from the Mediterranean sea at the gulf of Caipha, to the valley of the Jordan, with occasional interruptions from the smaller ranges of Gilboa and Little Hermon, and Mount Tabor rising in solitary grandeur between the latter and the mountains of Samaria. This plain is watered, through its greatest extent, by the river Kishon and its tributaries; and is distinguished in its various parts by different names, e. g. the valley of Megiddo [LEGIO] (2 Chron. 35.22); μέγα πεδίον Λεγεῶνος, or simply μέγα πέδιον, like the valley of the Jordan (1 Maccab. 12.49; Josephus ap. Reland, Palaest. p. 366); or μέγα πεδίον Σαμαρείτιδος (ib. p. 368). It is now known among the natives as “Merij Ibn ‘Amir.” (Robinson, Bib. Res. vol. iii. pp. 227--230.)


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