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FANUM MARTIS in Gallia Transalpina.


Mentioned in the Not. Imp., gave the name of Pagus Fanomartensis to a great part of the modern Hainau in the kingdom of Belgium. The Fanum Martis was in the territory of the Nervii, and in the division of Belgica Secunda. Fammars near Valenciennes, in the French department of Nord, is the site of Fanum Martis. Fanum was the residence of the praefectus of the Laeti Nervii, as we may conclude from the Notitia. The remains of a large building of the Roman period have been discovered at Farmmars.


The Ant. Itin. places a Fanum Martis on the road from Alauna to Condate Redonum (Rennes), between Cosedia and Fines. D'Anville conjectures that Fanum Martis may be the commanding position of Mont-martin, which is on the line of the Roman road. Walckenaer fixes it at a place called Tanie; and Ukert (p. 487), at Le Faouet. The position we may assume to be unknown.

The Table places Fanum Martis between Reginea and Condate. If the position of Reginea were certain, perhaps that of Fanum Martis might be found. D'Anville supposes this Fanum Martis not to be the same as that mentioned in the Antonine Itin. between Alauna and Condate, and he fixes it at Dinan; but, Walekenaer, who supposes Reginea to be Granville, fixes Fanum Martis at Tanie. [G.L]

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