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FANUM MINERVAE in Gallia, is placed by the Anton. Itin. on the road from Durocortorum (Reims) to Divodurum (Metz), and 14 Gallic leagues from Durocortorum. The same place seems to be intended by the corrupt word Tenomia, as D'Anville has it, or Fanomia, as Walckenaer has it, in the Table, which places it 19 from Reims. We may either correct the distance 14 in the Itin., or suppose a station to be omitted, for the purpose of making the Itin. agree with the Table; which seems to have the true distance.

The site of the Fanum is supposed to be Cheppe, [p. 1.894]on the line of the Roman road, and near the camp called the camp of Attila.


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