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GAURA MONS Part of the Jerusalem Itin. contains a route from Civitas Valentia (Valence), on the Rhone, to Mansio Vapincum (Gap). After leaving Mansio Lucus (Luc), 9 Roman miles bring us to Mutatio Vologatis, which is perhaps Vaugelas; and the Itin. adds, “inde ascenditur Gaura Mons.” The next station, 8 Roman miles from Vologatis, is Mutatio Cambonum. [CAMBONUM] D'Anville found, in a manuscript map of the Dausphiné, a hill called Col de Cabre, which, as he supposes, preserves the name Gaura. Walckenaer supposes the Gaura to be the chain of mountains which extends from Serre, on a branch of the Durance, to Rimusa, at the foot of which is the place named Le Ga. Probably D'Anville and Walckenaer mean the same range of hills.


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