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IMEUS MONS is the name given in the Tabula Peutingeriana to the mountain pass which leads from the basin of the lake Fucinus to that of the Peligni, and was traversed by the Via Valeria on the way from Alba to Corfinium. This pass, now called the Forca Carruso, must in all ages have been an important line of communication, being a natural saddle-like depression in the ridge which bounds the lake Fucinus on the E., so that the ascent from Coll‘ Armeno (Cerfennia) to the summit of the pass (a distance of 5 miles) presents but little difficulty. The latter is the highest point reached by the line of the Valerian Way in traversing the whole breadth of Italy from one sea to the other, but is elevated only a few hundred feet above the lake Fucinus. The Roman road across this pass was first rendered practicable for carriages by the emperor Claudius, who continued the Via Valeria from Cerfennia to the mouth of the Aternus. [CERFENNIA] (Tab. Peut.; Holsten. Not. ad Cluv. p. 154; Kramer, Fuciner See, pp. 14; 60.)


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