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ISIACO´RUM PORTUS (Ἰσιακῶν λιμήν, Arrian, Peril p. 21, Anon. Peripl. p. 9), a harbour on the Euxine sea, 380 stadia from the island at the mouth of the Borysthenes, and 1200 stadia from the Psilon (Sulina) mouth of the Danube. (Arrian, l.c.) It has been identified by Rennell (Comp. Geog. vol. ii. p. 360) with Odessa. There is some difficulty in adjusting the discrepancies in detail; but the aggregate distance appears to be clearly enough made out. Thus, from the island to Odessus Arrian allows a distance of 80 stadia, and from Odessus to the port of the Istrians (Ἰστριανῶν λιμήν) 250 stadia, and thence to that of the Isiaci 50 stadia. The ODESSUS (Ὀδησσίς) of Arrian (for he places Odessus at Varna) is probably a false reading, and is the same as the ORDESUS (Ὀρδησός) of Ptolemy (3.5.29) and Pliny (4.12), situated upon the river AXIACES or the modern Teligul, a large estuary which receives a river of the same name. As the interval in Arrian between Odessus (Ordesus) and the island is too short, so the next is too large; but the errors balance one another, and the harbour of the Isiaci agrees with that of Odessa within three quarters of a mile; the port of the Istrians may have lain to the N. of the bay of Odessa.


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    • Pliny the Elder, Naturalis Historia, 4.12
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