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NAPETI´NUS SINUS ( Ναπητῖνος κόλπος) was the name given by some writers to the gulf on the W. coast of Bruttium more commonly known as the Terinaeus Sinus, and now called the Gulf of St. Eufemia. We have no account of the origin of the name, which is cited from Antiochus of Syracuse both by Strabo and Dionysius. (Strab. vi. p.255; Dionys. A. R. 1.35.) Aristotle calls the same gulf the Lametine Gulf ( Λαμητῖνος κόλπος, Arist. Pol. 7.10), from a town of the name of Lametium or Lametini; and in like manner it has been generally assumed that there was a town of the name of Napetium, situated on its shores. But we have no other evidence of this; an inscription, which has been frequently cited to show that there existed a town of the name as late as the time of Trajan, is almost certainly spurious. (Mommsen, Inscr. Regn. Neap. App. No. 936.)


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