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Eth. PONS AURE´OLI (Pontirolo), a place on the highroad from Mediolanum to Bergomum, where that road crossed the river Addua (Adda) by a bridge. It is mentioned as a station by the Jerusalem Itinerary, which places it 20 M. P. from Mediolanum and 13 from Bergomum. (Itin. Hier. p. 558.) It derived its name from the circumstance that it was here that the usurper Aureolus was defeated in a pitched battle by the emperor Gallienus, and compelled to take refuge within the walls of Milan, A.D. 268. (Vict. Caes. 33. Epit. 33.) After the death of Aureolus, who was put to death by the soldiers of Claudius, he was buried by order of that emperor close to the bridge, which ever after retained the name of Aureolus. (Treb. Poll. Tríg. Tyr. 10.)


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