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SEMIRA´MIDIS MONS (Σεμειραμίδος ὄρος), a remarkable circular mountain on the N. side of the Persian gulf, and the eastern limit of Caramania. It is noticed both by Arrian (Peripl. M. E. p. 20, ed. Huds.) and by Marcian (PeripL. M. Ext. 100.27, ed. Müller, 1855), who states that it was opposite to Mt. Pasabo, in Arabia, and that these two mountains, with their promontories, form the straits at the entrance of the gulf of Persia. Ptolemy speaks of it, and states that it was also called Strongylus, probably from its form (6.8.11). Its modern name appears to be Elbourz. (Vincent, Voyage of Nearchus, i. p. 319--321.)


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