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Σίνδα κώμη, Ptol. 5.9.8), a town or village in Asiatic Sarmatia, in the territory of the Sindi, with an adjoining harbour (Σινδικὸς λιμήν, Ptol. Ib.), 180 stadia E. of the mouth of the Bosporus Cimmerius at Corocondama, and, according to Arrian (Per. P. Eux. p. 19), 500 [p. 2.1006]stadia from Panticapaeum, and 300 from the Holy Harbour. But, according to Pliny, who calls it Civitas Sindica (6.5. s. 5), it was 67 miles from the latter. It lay apparently on the lake of Corocondametis. According to Scylax (p. 31) Sinda was a Greek colony; though Mela, who calls it Sindos (1.19), regards it, with less probability, as a sea-port founded by the Sindi themselves. (Comp. Strab. xii. p.496; Scymn. Fr. 5.154.)


A town of the Sindi, on the W. coast of the Sinus Magnus, or on the E. coast of the Aurea Chersonesus in India extra Gangem, between the mouths of the Dorias and Daonas. (Ptol. 7.2.7; Steph. B. sub voce p. 602.) [T.H.D]

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