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SMYRNAEUS SINUS (Σμυρναίων κόλπος), also called the bay of Hermus (Ἕρμειος κόλπος), from the river Hermus, which flows into it, or the bay of Meles (Μελήτου κ.), from the little river Meles, is the bay at the head of which Smyrna is situated. From its entrance to the head it is 350 stadia in length, but is divided into a larger and a smaller basin, which have been formed by the deposits of the Hermus, which have at the same time much narrowed the whole bay. A person sailing into it had on his right the promontory of Celaenae, and on his left the headland of Phocaea; the central part of the bay contained numerous small islands. (Strab. xiv. p.645; Pomp. Mela, 1.17; Vit. Hom. 2; Steph. B. sub voce Σμύρνα.)


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