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TE´NESIS REGIO (Τηνεσίς, Strab. xvi. p.770), was, according to Strabo, who alone mentions it, an inland province of Aethiopia, lying due E. of the Sabae, and not far distant from tile kingdom or city of Meroe. Tenesis was governed, at least when Strabo wrote, by a queen, who was also the sovereign of Meroe. This was one of the many districts of Aethiopia assigned by rumour to the Automoli, Sembritae, or Aegyptian war-caste, who abandoned their native country in the reign of Psammetichus [SEMBRITAE. The lake Coloe and the sources of the Astapus are by some geographers placed in Tenesis. It was an alluvial plain bounded on the E. by the Abyssinian Highlands, and frequented by elephants, rhinoceroses, &c.


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