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VALLIS PENNINA or POENINA, as the name is written in some inscriptions, is the long valley down which the Rhone flows into the Lake of Geneva. In the Notitia of the Gallic Provinces all the inhabitants of this valley are included in the name Vallenses, for we read “Civitas Vallensium, hoc est, Octodurum.” [OCTODURUS] But there were four peoples in the Vallais, as it seems, NANTUATES, VERAGRI, SEDUNI, and VIBERI. The name Vallis Pennina went out of use, and it was called Pagus Vallensis. The name Vallis is preserved in that of the canton Wallis or Vallais, which is the largest valley in Switzerland. [GALLIA TRANSALPINA Vol. I. p. 950; RHODANUS]


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