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Eth. VICUS JULII or ATURES, in Aquitania. The name Civitas Aturensium occurs in the Notitia of the Gallic Provinces. The name Atures also occurs in Sidonius Apollinaris (ii. ep. 1). In the passage of Tibullus, cited under ATURUS [Vol. I. p. 336] “Atur” is said to be a correction of Scaliger, the MSS. having Atax:--“Quem tremeret forti milite victus Atur;”

but the great critic is probably right.

At the council of Agde (Agatha), A.D. 506, there is a subscription by a bishop “de civitate Vico Juli,” and the same name occurs in Gregory of Tours. D'Anville affirms that Atures and Vicus Julii are the same place, relying on a Notice, where we read “Civitas Adtorensium Vico Juli.” The name of the river Atur was also given to a people Atures, who have given their name to the town of Aire, which is on the Adour. (D'Anville, Notice, &c.)


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