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AEGO´STHENA (τὰ Αἰγόσθενα: Eth. Αἰγοδθενίτης: Ghermanó), a town in Megaris, on the Alcyonian or Corinthian gulf, at the foot of Mount Cithaeron, and on the borders of Boeotia. It possessed a temple of the seer Melampus. Between Aegosthena and Creusis, the port-town of Boeotia, there was no passage along the shore except a path on the mountain‘s side. The Lacedaemonians under Cleombrotus, in marching from Creusis to Aegosthena along this road in the winter of B.C. 379--378, were overtaken by a violent tempest ; and such was the force of the wind, that the shields of the soldiers were wrested from their hands, and many of the asses that carried the burthens were blown over the precipices into the sea. It was by this road that the Lacedaemonians retreated after their defeat at Leuctra in 371. There was a sweet wine grown at Aegosthena. (Paus. 1.44.4, seq.; Xen. Hell. 5.4. 16-18, 6.4. § § 25--26; Athen. p. 440.; Steph. B. sub voce Leake, Northern Greece, vol. ii. p. 405.)

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