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AESI´TAE (Αἰδΐαι or Αὐδῖται, Ptol. 5.19.2; comp. Bochart. Phaleg. 2.8), were probably the inhabitants of the region upon the borders of Chaldaea, which the Hebrews designated as the land of Uz (Job,i. 1, 15.17; Jerem. 25.20), and which the 70 translators render by the word Αὐδῖτις (comp. Winer, Bibl. Realwörterb. vol. ii. p. 755). Strabo (p. 767) calls the Regio Aesitarum Macina (Μακινή). They were a nomade race, but from their possessing houses and villages, had apparently settled pastures on the Chaldaean border.


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