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ANDERI´TUM a town which Ptolemaeus calls Ἀνδέρηδον, and the capital of the Gabali, whom Caesar mentions (B. G. 7.75) as subjects of the Arverni. In the Not. Prov. Gall. it is called Civitas Gabalûm, having taken the name of the people, as was the case with most of the capitals of the Gallic towns under the Lower Empire. D'Anville infers, from an inscription found in the neighbourhood of Javols or Javoux, which terminates thus, M. P. GABALL. V., that the position of Javols may represent this place. Walckenaer (Géog. &c. des Gaules) places Anderitum at Anterrieux. Others suppose the site to be at Mende. Both Javols and Mende are in the Gevaudan, a part of the mountain region of the Cevennes.


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