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ARAURIS (Ἀραύριος: Hérault). The name Ῥαύραρις in Strabo (p. 182) is a false transcript for Ἀραύρις. Strabo describes the river as flowing from the Cévennes (Κέμμενον). Mela also (2.5) makes it flow from the Cévennes, which he calls Gebennae, and enter the sea near Agatha, Agde. The river is therefore the Hérault which gives its name to the department of Hérault. Vibius Sequester (ed. Oberlin) speaks of a river Cyrta, which enters the sea near Agatha. This must be the Hérault; and the name Cyrta may be Greek, and have been given by the Massaliots, the Greek colonizers of Agatha.

There was a town Araura, also called Cesero, on this river, which is identified with a place called S. Tiberi.


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