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ARCA´DIA (Ἀρκαδία; Eth. Ἀρκάδες, Adj. Ἀρκαδικός, Steph. B. sub voce probably Eth.), a city of Crete, which in Hierocles is placed between Lyctus and Cnossus; but in Kiepert's map appears on the coast of the gulf of Didymoi Kólpoi. It disputed the claims of Mt. Ida to be the birthplace of Zeus. The Arcadians were first allies of Cnossus, but afterward joined Lyctus. (Pol. 4.53.) According to Theophrastus, when the town fell into the hands of enemies the springs ceased to flow; when recovered by the inhabitants they resumed their course (Senec. Quaest. Nat. 3.2; Plin, 31.4).


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