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AREOPOLIS identical with Ar of Moab. S. Jerome explains the name to be compounded of the Hebrew word (Ar or Ir) signifying “city” and its Greek equivalent. (πόλις), “non ut plerique existimant quod Ἄρεος, i. e. Martis, civitas sit” (in Jos. xv.). He states that the walls of this city were shaken down by an earthquake in his infancy (circ. A.D. 315). It was situated on the south side of the River ARNON, and was not occupied by the Israelites (Dent. 2.9, 29; Euseb. Onomast. sub voc. Ἀρνῶν). Burkhardt suggests that its site may be marked by the ruined tank near Mehatet-el-Haj, a little to the south of the Arnon (p. 374). [G. W.j

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