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ARGOB (Ἀργόβ, LXX: Râijib, Robinson, Palestine, vol. iii. App. p. 166), a district in Bashan, E. of the lake of Gennesareth, which was given to the half-tribe of Manasseh (Dent. 3.4, 13); afterwards placed under the government of one of Solomon's purveyors. (1 Kings, 4.13.) Reland (Talaest. p. 959) finds traces of this name in the trans-Jordanic town Ragab (Ῥαγαβά, J. AJ 12.18.5), which Eusebius (Onomast. s. v. Argob) places 15 M. P. west of Gerasa. Burkhardt (Travels, p. 279) supposed that he had found the ruins of this city in those of El-Hossn on the E. side of the lake of Gennesareth, but Mr. Bankes (Quarterly Review, vol. xxvi. p. 389) conceives this to have been the site of Gamala.


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