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Eth. ASPA´SII (Eth. Ἀσπάσιοι, V. R. Ἄσπιοι), a tribe of the Paropamisadae at the S. foot of the Paropamisus (Hindoo Koosh), about the river Choes or Choaspes (Kameh), whom Alexander subdued on his march into India, B.C. 327. (Arrian. Anab. 4.23, 24.) Strabo calls them Hippasii (Ἱππάσιοι, xv. pp. 691, 698), according to Casaubon's emendation of the unmeaning text: and modern scholars have observed that the names are identical, both meaning horsemen, for the root asp in Sanscrit and Persian is equivalent to Ἱππ- in Greek. (Schmieder, ad Arrian. Ind. 6; Groskurd, German Translation, of Strabo, p. 119.) Their chief cities were GORYDALA and ARIGAEUM


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