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Eth. ASPURGIA´NI (Ἀσπουργιανοί, V.R. Ἀσπουγγιτανοί), a tribe of the Asiatic Maeotae, on the E. side of the Cimmerian Bosporus, in the region called Sindice, between Phanagoria and Gorgippia. They were among the Maeotic tribes whom Polemon I., king of Pontus and the Bosporus, in the reign of Augustus, attempted to subdue; but they took him prisoner and put him to death. (Strab. [p. 1.243]xi. p. 495, xii. p. 556; Steph. B. sub voce see Ritter's speculations on the name, in connection with the origin of the name of Asia, Vorhalle, pp. 296, foil.). They seem to be the Asturicani of Ptolemy (5.9.7).


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