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ASTABE´NE (Ἀσταβηνὴ, Isid. Charax: Eth. Astabeni; Ἀσταβηνοί, or Ἀσταυηνοί, or Σταυηνοί, Ptol. 6.9.5, 6.17.3). according to Isidore, a district between Hyrcania and Parthia, containing twelve villages and one town of note called Asaac, or, more probably, Arsacia, It seems doubtful [p. 1.248]whether the name of the region and its inhabitants ought not to be Artabene and Artabeni respectively. According to Ptolemy the Astabeni were a people of Hyrcania, on the coast of the Caspian. The ASTACENI of Plin. (2.105, 109) are probably the same people.


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