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Eth. AULERCI appears to be a generic name, which included several Celtic tribes. Caesar (Caes. Gal. 2.34) names the Aulerci with the Veneti and the other maritime states In B. G. 7.75, he enumerates, among the clients of the Aedui, the Aulerci Brannovices and Brannovii, as the common text stands; but the names in this chapter of Caesar are corrupt, and “Brannovii” does not appear to be genuine. If the name Aulerci Brannovices is genuine in 7.75, this branch of the Aulerci, which was dependent on the Aedui, must be distinguished from those Aulerci who were situated between the Lower Seine and the Loire, and separated from the Aedui by the Senones, Carnutes, and Bituriges Cubi.

Again, in 7.75, Caesar mentions the Aulerci Cenomani and the Aulerci Eburones, as the text stands; but it is generally agreed that for Eburones we must read Eburovices, as in B. G. 3.17. In this chapter (7.75) Caesar also mentions the maritime states (2.34) under the name of the Armoric states; but his list does not agree with the list in 2.34, and it does not contain the Aulerci. Caesar (3.17) mentions a tribe of Diablintes or Diablintres, to whom Ptolemy gives the generic name of Aulerci. It seems, then, that Aulerci was a general name under which several tribes were included [CENOMANI, DIABLINTES, EBUROVICES].


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