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AUSCHI´SAE (Αὐσχίσαι, Hdt. 4.171; Αὐσχίται, Apollod. ap. Steph. B. sub voce Αὐχῖσαι, Diod. 3.42; Αὐχῖται, Ptol. 4.5.21; Αὐχῆται, Nonn. Dionys. 13.375), a Libyan people in Cyrenaica, W. of the ASBYSTAE extending S. of Barca as far W. as the Hesperides (aft. BERENICE), on the coast of the Greater Syrtis. Ptolemy alone places them in Marmarica.

There are some exceedingly interesting remains of forts, of an extremely ancient style of building, which are fully described by Barth, who regards them as works of the Auschisae, and fortifies his opinion by the statement of Pliny (4.1), that it was the common custom of the Libyan tribes to build forts. (Beechey, Proceedings of the Expedition to explore the N. coast of Africa, pp. 251, 252; Barth, Wanderungen, &c. p. 354.)


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