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Eth. AUTRI´GONES (Αὐτρίγονες, Ptol. 2.6. § § 7, 53; Mela, 3.1.10; Plin. Nat. 3.3. s. 4; Aurigonae, Flor. 4.12.47; Autrigonae, Ores. 4.21; probably the Ἀλλότριγαι of Strabo iii. p.155), a people in the N. of Hispania Tarraconensis, E. of the Cantabri, between the sea and the sources of the Iberus (Ebro), in Biscaya, Guipuzcoa, and Alava. The little river Nerva (Nervion) was in their territory, [p. 1.347]and W. of its mouth was the town of Flaviobriga, which Ptolemy assigns to them, but Pliny to the Varduli. [FLAVIOBRIGA] Pliny states that among their ten cities none were of any consequence, except TRITIUM and VIROVESCA Ptolemy assigns to them the towns of Uxama Barca (Οὔξαμα Βάρκα, prob. Osma: comp. Muratori, p. 1095. 8), Segisamunculum (Σεγισαμόγκουλον, prob. S. Maria de Ribaredonda), VIROVESCA (Οὐιροον́εσκα), Antequia (Ἀντεκούϊα). Deobriga (Δεόβριγα: Brinnos or Miranda de Ebro), Vendeleia (Οὐενδέλεια), and Saliunca (Σαλιόγκα). The great road from Asturica to Caesaraugusta and the Pyrenees entered the land of the Autrigones, near Virovesca, and from this place it branched out into three. The N. branch led to the W. pass of the Pyrenees, and on it the towns and distances were: Virovesca, Vindeleia, 11 M.P., Deobriga, 14 M. P. (It. Ant. p. 455.) The second road led to Caesaraugusta, and on it were: Verovesca (sic in It.), Segasamunclum (sic in It.), 11 M. P., Libia, 7 M. P. (prob. Leyva), Tritium, 18 M. P. (It. Ant. p. 394.) The third, further S., also led to Caesaraugusta, and on it were: Virovesca, Atiliana, 30 M. P., Barbariana (Araviana), 32 M. P. (It. Ant. p. 450.) Whether the Bursaones of Livy (Fr. xci.), the Bursaonenses of Pliny, the Bursavolenses of Hirtius (B. H. 22) belong to the Autrigones or the Berones is uncertain. (Ukert, vol. ii. pt. 1, pp. 445, 446.)


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