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Eth. AUXACII or AUZACII MONTES (τὰ Αὐξάκια, or Αὐζάκια ὄρη), a part of the Altai range, SW. of the Annibi M. and NW. of the Asmiraei M., having its W. part in Scythia extra Imaum, and its E. part in Serica. Ptolemy places the W. division between 149° long. and 49° lat. and 165° long. and 55° lat. These mountains contained the sources of the river Oechardes (prob. Selenga). The district N. of them was called Auxacitis (or Auzacitis), with a city Auxacia (or Auzacia), which was one of Ptolemy's positions of astronomical observation, having its longest day about 16 1/4 hours, and being distant from Alexandreia 5 hours 36 min. to the east. (Ptol. 6.15. § § 2, 3, 4; 16. § § 2, 3, 4; 8.24.4: comp. OXII M.)


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