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BETHARAMPHTHA (Βηθαράμαφθον), a city of Peraea, which Herod Antipas encompassed with a wall, and changed its name to JULIAS in honour of the wife of the emperor Tiberius. (Ant. 18.2.1.) It is certainly identical with that mentioned by Eusebius and St. Jerome as situated on the Jordan, originally named Betharamphta, and afterwards called Livias by Herod (Onomast. s. v.), and certainly not the same as the Julias which is placed by Josephus where the Jordan flows into the Sea of Tiberias (B. J. 3.9.7), which was identical with Bethsaida. [BETHSAIDA] But the names Julias and Livias are frequently interchanged, as are Julia and Livia. A still earlier name of this town, according to Eusebius and St. Jerome, was Beth-haram, a city of the tribe of Gad (Josh. 13.27), doubtless the same with Beth-haran (Num. 32.36), which the Talmud also says was afterwards called Bethrasmtha. (Reland, p. 642; comp. pp. 869, 870, s. v. Julias Peraeae.) It is most probably only another form of the preceding Betharamathum, i. e. the modern Amata, near the Jabbok. [AMATHUS]


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