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BOOSU´RA (Βοόσουρα). Strabo (xiv. p.683), in [p. 1.420]his account of Cyprus, mentions this place along with Treta, as following Kurion, and it has been identified with Bisur, on the road from Kurion to Paphos. Ptolemy (5.14) fixes the position of a place which he calls the “Ox's Tail” (Οὐρὰ Βοός, in the Palat. Κλεῖδες Ἄκρα), quite to the NE. of the island of Cyprus. In Kiepert's map Boosura has this position. Unless there were two places of this name, it is impossible to reconcile Strabo and Ptolemy. (Engel, Kypros, vol. i. p. 120.)


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