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BREVIODU´RUM in Gallia, is placed in the Antonine Itin. on a road between Juliobona (Lillebonne), in the country of the Caleti, on the north side of the Seine, and Noviomagus (Lisieux), in the department of Calvados, on the south side of the Seine. The Table, in which it is called Breviodorum, places it on a road between Juliobona and Rotomagus (Rouen). The name shows that it was at the ford or passage of a river. D'Anville places it at Pont-Audemer, on the Risle or Rille. The Itin. makes 17 and the Table 18 Gallic leagues between Juliobona and Breviodurum, which seems a great deal too much, as the direct distance is only about half of this. But the distance from Rouen to Pont-Audemer agrees better with the 20 of the Table, between Rotomagus and Breviodurum. Walekenaer places Breviodurum at Pont-Authon, 4 or 5 miles from Montfort-sur-Rille.


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