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BRIGA´NTIUM (Briançon, in the department of Hautes Alpes) is marked in the Table as the first: place in Gallia after Alpis Cottia (Mont Genèvre). At Brigantium the road branched, to the west through Grenoble to Vienna ( Vienne), on the Rhone; to the south through Ebrodunum (Embrun), to Vapincum (Gap). Both the Itin. and the Table give the route from Brigantiuin to Vapincum. The Table [p. 1.430]places Brigantium 6 M.P. from Alpis Cottia. Strabo (p. 179) mentions the village Brigantium, and on a road to the Alpis Cottia, but his words are obscure. Ptolemy mentions Brigantium as within the limits of the Segusini, or people of Segusio, Susa, in Piedmont; but it seems, as D'Anville observes, to be beyond the natural limits of the Segusini. Walckenaer (vol. i. p. 540) justifies Ptolemy in this matter by supposing that he follows a description of Italy made before the new divisions of Augustus, which we know from Pliny. Walckenaer also supports his justification of Ptolemy by the Jerusalem Itin., which makes the Alpes Cottiae commence at Rama (La Casse Rom) between Embrun and Briançon.


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