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CABE´LLIO (Καβαλλίων, Strab. p. 179: Eth.Καβελλιωνήσιος, Eth. Καβελλιωνίτης: Cavaillon), a town in Gaul, on the Druentia (Durance), and on a line of road between Vapincum (Gap) and Arelate (Ailes). Stephanus (s. v. Καβελλίων), on the authority of the geographer Artemidorus, makes it a Massaliot foundation. Walckenaer (Gëog. &c. vol. i. p. 187) says that M. Calvet has proved, in a learned dissertation, that there was a company of Utricularii (boatmen, ferrymen) at Cabellio, for the crossing of the river. Such a company or corpus existed at Arelate and elsewhere. Cabellio was a city of the Cavares, who were on the east bank of the Rhone. Pliny calls it an Oppidum Latinum (3.4), and Ptolemy a Colonia. It was a town of some note, and many architectural fragments have been found in the soil. The only thing that remains standing is a fragment of a triumphal arch, the lower part of which is buried in the earth. In the Notitia of the Gallic Provinces “civitas Cabellicorum” is included in Viennensis.



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