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CALAMYDE a city of Crete, of which the Coast-describer (Geogr. Graec. Min. vol. ii. p. 496), who, alone has recorded the name of the place, says that it was to the W. of Lissus and 30 stadia from Criu-Metopon. Mr. Pashley (Trav. vol. ii. p. 124) has fixed the site on the summit of the ridge between the vallies Kontokynéghi and Kántanos: on the W. and SW. sides of the city the walls may be traced for 300 or 400 paces; on the E. they extend about 100 paces; while on the S. the ridge narrows, and the wall, adapting itself to the natural features of the hill, has not a length of more than 20 paces. This wall is composed of polygonal stones, which have not been touched by the chisel.


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