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CAMBODU´NUM in Britain. The second Itinerary presents the difficulty which attends so many of the others, viz., a vast difference between, not only the shortest route, but between the recognised roads and the line of the stations. Thus the line is from the Vallum to Rutupiae (Riclhborough): nevertheless, when we reach Calcaria (Tadcaster), though there is one road due south and another south-east, the route of the Itinerary takes us round by Manchester, Chester, and Wroxeter. Besides this, the sum of miles at the heading of the Iter, and the sum of the particular distances, disagree. Again, some of the numbers vary with the MS.; and this is the case with the present word. From Eboracum (York) to

  M. P.
Calcaria (Tadcaster ix.
Cambodunum xx. al. xxx.
Mancunium (Manchester xviii. al. xxiii.

The neighbourhood of Elland, between Halifax and Huddersfield, best satisfies these conditions; and, accordingly, Gretland, Sowerby, Almondbury, Grimscar, Stainland (at all of which places Roman remains have been found), have been considered as the representatives of Cambodunum. In the Monumenta Britannica its modern equivalent is Slack.


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