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CAPSA (Κάψα: Cafsa or Ghafsah, Ru.), an important city in the extreme S. of Numidia (aft. in Byzacium), standing in a fertile and well-watered oasis, in the midst of an arid desert abounding in serpents, SW. of Thelepte, and NW. of Tacape. Its foundation was ascribed to the Libyan Hercules, and it seems to be the Hecatompylos of Polybius (1.73) and Diodorus (4.18; comp. Frag. Lib. xxiv). In the Jugurthine War it was the treasury of Jugurtha, and was taken and destroyed by Marius; but it was afterwards rebuilt, and made a colony. Its names are found on inscriptions at Cafsa. (Sallust. Jug. 89, et seq.; Flor. 3.1; Strab. xvii. p.831; Plin. Nat. 5.4; It. Ant. l.c.; Tab. Peut.; Ptol. 4.3.39; Notit. Afr.; Shaw, p. 124, 2nd ed.).


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